And What Can I Do? – The Little Cat and the Star

Autor:in Martha Pabst
Illustrator:in Maria Stalder
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Produktinformationen "And What Can I Do? – The Little Cat and the Star"

It’s cold outside. The little cat is sitting on the warm stove in the living room. She hears people talking about a newborn king. Following a star in the dark night sky, the little cat sets off to find him. On the way, she meets an owl, a spider, a dog, some sheep, a cow, some herbs and some bees, and asks them for directions. They each ask the same discouraging question in return: What can a little cat possibly offer a newborn king? For the little cat, the central questions become “Who am I? And what can I do? What can I bring?”

A rich and meaningful Christmas story that encourages children to think about their own abilities.

Translation from German by Lucretia Jacomet


Alter 6, 7, 8
Zyklus 1. Zyklus
Schulklasse Kindergarten, 1. Klasse, 2. Klasse
Sprache Englisch
Themen Hund & Katze, Identität & Selbstvertrauen, Weihnachten
Seiten 32
ISBN 978-3-7269-0140-0
Breite in mm 135
Höhe in mm 210

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