Grass East Never mind

Autor:in Jens Nielsen
Illustrator:in Andreas Gefe
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Produktinformationen "Grass East Never mind"

Three stories by well-known spoken-word artist and dramatist Jens Nielsen. There’s the man who could say anything – he shoots up out of the grass and starts reciting a long poem. People keep listening to him, even a thousand years later when he has said everything there is to say. Or the little girl called “Never mind” who sits all alone in her room – until the outside world steps through the door and creeps into the girl. While people, houses and the countryside have a ball inside her, she remains all alone in her dark room, talking quietly to her skin.

At first glance, these short stories read easily, but below the surface, they are thought-provoking. For in these tragicomic and absurd tales, the characters meet each other at a strange distance, floating, caught on the page by illustrator Andrea Gefe’s fine line drawings.




Alter 12, 13, 14, 15, ab 16
Zyklus 2. Zyklus, 3. Zyklus
Schulklasse 6. Klasse, Sek I, Sek II
Sprache Englisch
Themen Sprachspiele
Seiten 32
ISBN 978-3-7269-0603-0
Breite in mm 135
Höhe in mm 210

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