In the Bear's Library

Autor:in Gabrielle Alioth
Illustrator:in Patricia Keller
Auch verfügbar auf Französisch, Deutsch
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Lucas moves house from Geneva to St Gallen. Moving is tough, especially when your new classmates are the opposite of helpful. One day when he’s looking for some lunch in the old town, he gets lost and ends up in the Abbey Library. There he encounters the main characters from the library’s past – Gallus, Otmar, Wiborada and Notker Balbulus. They tell him all about the history of the abbey and how the city of St Gallen grew up around it.

Cleverly weaving past and present, the author brings the dramatic story of the abbey’s origins to new life. The colourful illustrations at the beginning of each chapter summarise its content with a pinch of humour. Illustrator Patricia Keller recreates elements of illuminated manuscripts, like those housed in the abbey’s famous library.

Translation from German by Lucretia Jacomet with Simon Froehling


Alter 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Zyklus 2. Zyklus, 3. Zyklus
Schulklasse 5. Klasse, 6. Klasse, Sek I
Sprache Englisch
Themen Geschichte & Politik, Identität & Selbstvertrauen, Religion & Philosophie, Schweiz
Seiten 64
ISBN 978-3-7269-0196-7
Vorwort/Nachwort Cornel Dora
Breite in mm 135
Höhe in mm 210

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