Sea Road

Auteur-trice Anna Weber
Illustrateur-trice Anna Weber
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It’s a warm, sunny day. Waves swish on the shore, palm leaves rustle in the breeze. And there’s the Sea Road bus stop. Is the bus late? More and more people turn up: young and old, people with disabilities, people with different skin colour, with different religions, with different backgrounds. Some get chatting to each other – others are surprised to see so much going on here.

Sea Road is a lively picture book that uses few words yet delights the reader through the rhythmic structure of the plot. Anna Weber’s illustrations are rich in detail, draw the eye in for closer observation, and portray a society that recognises diversity and values it as enriching.

Translation from German by Rachel McNicholl


Âge 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, dès 16
Cycle 1er cycle, 2e cycle, 3e cycle
Classe d'école 1ère année, 2e année, 3e année, 4e année, 5e année, 6e année, Secondaire 1, Secondaire 2
Langue Anglais
Thèmes Identité & confiance en soi
Pages 36
ISBN 978-3-7269-0377-0
Largeur (mm) 135
Hauteur (mm) 210

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