Milly Miau and the Monster


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Milly Miau is out of breath. The little cat is being chased by a black and white monster, and she’s really scared. Sally Spikes, Trisha Tortoise, Barbara Badger, Scotty Squirrel and many other animals patiently show her how to defend herself. Their suggestions don’t quite work for a little cat, though. Until Milly Miau meets the monster for real – and shows a totally different side to her personality, to everyone’s surprise.

Every child has fears. Learning to face fear is an important step in early childhood, requiring a lot of effort. This story shows early readers how they, like Milly Miau, can face up to the monster if they are brave, emerging all the stronger in the end.

Translation from German by Rachel McNicholl


Âge 6, 7, 8
Cycle 1er cycle
Classe d'école Jardin d’enfants, 1ère année, 2e année
Langue Anglais
Thèmes Chien & chat, Fantastique, Identité & confiance en soi, Peinture & bricolage, Peur
Pages 32
ISBN 978-3-7269-0403-6
Largeur (mm) 135
Hauteur (mm) 210

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